168 Security Services

“A fully integrated mobile surveillance solution dedicated to all aspects of our economy and everyday lives.”


The platform uses cutting edge wireless technology to transmit live video feed. Advanced video analysis enables detection irrespective of the object’s size or

Video feed from both 360 and static cameras are recorded continuously and triggers the alarm in case of danger. The system sends live images back to our manned monitoring centre, via 3G signal, from here we can respond as required with Police, keyholders and relevant persons. The advanced image detection system easily eliminates false alarms caused by such objects as moving tree branches, intense rain and snow fall, light reflections or shadows cast by passing clouds.

Security Illustration


Solutions dedicated to all aspects of our economy and everyday lives. The potential customer groups include:

  • Construction sites, including road construction
  • Natural disaster risk sites (floodbanks, locks, floodplains)
  • Developments (recording progress)
  • Military facilities
  • Airports and border terminals
  • Railway tracks
  • Storage sites
  • Residential car parks
  • Shopping centre car parks
  • Sports events
  • Concerts and leisure events
  • Registration plate checks, counting people and vehicles

…and all other places requiring 168 Solution surveillance!

  • TRAILER with a side-opening aluminium enclosure, meeting all traffic safety requirements.
  • 6-metre certified telescopic MAST made of stainless steel.
  • CAMERA MODULE with continuous 360° imaging, motion sensors and optional thermal imaging.
  • BATTERY BANK with an intelligent charging system and an internal emergency power of up to 120 hours.
  • 220V reinforced vandal-proof POWER CABLE (100m).
  • 113 dB ALARM SIREN with a live voice system and an efficient SIGNAL LIGHT.
  • 3G/LTE/WiFi communication module and a built in GPS tracker.

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