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Creating new jobs and investing in talent – despite challenges

Creating new jobs and investing in talent – despite challenges

Date: 18th February 2021 | By: nite

Despite the extensive challenges of 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, here at Nite Lite Security Services, we are delighted to report that changes in the economy have also meant an upsurge in demand for security services and we have invested extensively in our workforce to accommodate that.

With such a high percentage of the population working from home due to lockdown measures, we saw a spike in demand to secure and manage vacant and unused buildings during the pandemic. Equally, increases in levels of crime have prompted many businesses to revaluate their security arrangements more holistically.

These trends have meant a lot more demand for our services. As a result, we have created 20 new jobs in the past 12 months, all specialist security professionals trained to fulfil a range of roles and manage many different scenarios.

We have also invested in helping Callum Morgan complete an apprenticeship at Gower College with a view to Callum taking a lead on the management and integration of technology and advanced security systems within the company.

John Wayne Parfitt, our Managing Director, said:

“It has been a very challenging year for all companies in all sectors but we are very lucky that we are also operating in a sector that has seen increased demand during the pandemic.

“A combination of there being more empty buildings and rising crime has led to a surge in demand for us. That has allowed us to expand our workforce and create many much-needed jobs in the local community. We are also delighted to welcome Callum into the team and hope he will thrive as we continually evaluate what we do and embrace new technology and innovations.”