Company Policies

Environmental Statement

Nite Lite Security Services is fully committed to a responsible attitude to the care of the environment. The nature of our operation produces only minimal amounts of contaminates into the environment and therefore we do not currently need a register of environmental impacts or specific control measures. We monitor Environmental Legislation at all times.

Nite Lite Security Services is committed to conducting business in a manner that manages environmental issues responsibly. We fulfil this commitment by:

  • Complying with environmental regulations
  • Conducting operations in an environmentally sound manner
  • Promoting environmental responsibility among our employees
  • Striving to ensure that suppliers agree to comply with environmental regulations
  • Pursuing continuous improvement in our environmental performance

Contract Management

  • Are your security services & systems as effective and efficient as they should be?
  • Is your security personnel properly screened, trained, supervised and motivated?
  • How can you ensure a high and consistent level of quality, service and responsiveness from your security provider?
  • Should you use a local or national security service provider?

World Class and Local – When you award your contract to Nite Lite Security, you are guaranteed world-class, local service by a national specialist with over 17 years experience in the security industry, servicing an impressive collection of clients ranging from single site to national organisations with hundreds of sites.

We operate to a strict code of professional conduct defined by the International Professional Security Association, the British Standards Codes of Practice.

The key to our success is our customer centric focus, our people first program and our quality management program. Quality of service, professionalism and consistency is core to our approach.

We invest in our people

At Nite Lite Security Services, we are diligent in our recruitment practices and providing our teams with industry leading training so that our customers can expect premier service standards. Through our continual development and delivery of cutting-edge security solutions, our customers can rest assured their security partner has demonstrated both a commitment to operating standards and services with unrivalled integrity.

Quality Assurance registration – Our ISO 9002 covers all aspects of our recruitment and employment policies. All procedure and documentation conform to BS 7499 for Security Industry. All our employees are vetted to BS 7858 ensuring at least ten years employment history and police records are verified. (Subject to signed data protection forms).

Equal opportunity – Nite Lite Security Services’s equal opportunity policy is that, in the recruitment, selection, training, appraisal, development and promotion of staff, the only consideration must be that the individual meets, or is likely to meet the requirements of the post.

Health & Safety Policy

We operate a proactive health and safety program that benefits visitors, employees and contractors of the company. We actively promote a culture of health and safety best practice, which will lead to avoidance and reduction in risks to health and safety in compliance with the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 and associated legislation.

The Company’s Board have set the following objectives for achieving the above:

  1. To provide the safest possible environment for its visitors, tenants, employees and contractors and any others who may be affected by our activities
  2. To eliminate, wherever possible, risks to health and safety, or where not possible, effectively control those risks
  3. To reduce accidents and incidents to the lowest possible level
  4. To ensure all employees are competent and effectively trained to carry out their duties in a safe manner
  5. To actively review risks and their controls in an effort to constantly improve standards of health and safety in the light of new technology, legislation and best practice
  6. To maintain an organisational structure for the management of health and safety, including lines of communication co-operation and identification of responsibilities for mangers with key health and safety roles

The company will provide the support and resources to enable managers to achieve these objectives.

Further guidance on achieving these objectives are set out in the Company Corporate Health & Safety manual.

All members of management and staff should regard health and safety as an integral part of their normal duties. The company considers that serious or persistent disregard for the policy arrangements is a disciplinary matter and will be treated accordingly.

All employees have duties under Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and relevant health and safety legislation, to take reasonable care for their health ans safety and that of others who may be affected by the acts or omissions, to co-operate and use all work equipment, dangerous substances and personal protective equipment in accordance with the training and instructions they receive.


All relevant insurance information can be provided upon request.