Automated Access Control

Auto Parking Barriers

Nite Lite Security Services supply and install a comprehensive range of automatic parking barriers and bollards that can cover openings of up to 12m wide. Our range of barriers can be installed with ease and speed.

  • Self programming of the radio code between transmitter and receiver
  • Automatic closure after a pre-set time
  • Obstacle detection
  • Manual push button gate movement
  • “Slave” function: allows connection of paired barriers

surveillance camera

Automatic Rising Bollards

Our automatic rising bollards sink into the ground in less than 3 seconds and are operated by a remote control device or digital keypad. The bollard rises back once the vehicle has passed through.

Semi-Automatic Rising Bollards

Semi-automatic bollards are set in motion with a key. A gentle push on the bollard will make it sink into the ground; locking in the retracted position is automatic. A simple turn of the key will make the bollard rise back by itself and lock in the upward position.

Automating Existing Gates

Nite Lite Security Services are able to retro-fit automatic motors and controls to your existing gates significantly reducing costs and saving installation time.

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