Remote CCTV Monitoring

The Nite Lite Security Services control centre is equipped with state-of-the-art technology that allows us to remotely monitor, through digital closed circuit television (CCTV) any activity at client sites.Our system exploits advanced, PC based, multi-channel video surveillance technology that utilises the most advance digital video compression technologies providing the highest picture quality and video performance.

Each system has up to 256 cameras viewed live on a local monitor screen over the Internet. Video and can be recorded based on time schedules or motion detection.

Employing broadband connectivity or an ISDN telephone line, the operator can not only view cameras, but can turn on lights, control a camera pan, tilt and zoom, communicate with people at the site and, if need be, shut down an overheated boiler or broken conveyor belt.

Within seconds of an alarm activating, cameras will provide accurate verification at the central monitoring station. We provide video monitoring services that ensure an immediate and appropriate response to any emergency, including 24 hour monitoring.

Along with our security systems solutions, we can provide back-up officer support or immediate response to an emergency and even remotely relay voice commands to security staff or perpetrators at your site via a tannoy system.

Key features:

  • Fast display, storage and retrieval of Alarm images
  • Integrated Audio assisting the alarm verification process, while transmission of the Operator’s voice to the site provides instant intruder control
  • Control of devices such as lights, gates or barriers
  • Digital Evidence ensuring all key data is associated with images thereby enhancing end-to-end integrity and ensuring evidential admissibility
  • Point-and-Click Zone Isolation, allowing our centre operators to quickly and easily isolate individual zones

Nite Lite Security Services’s Remote Solutions is a reliable and cost effective way of providing complete centralised control of your security and surveillance systems.

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