Reaping the rewards of a six figure R&D investment

Having made a six-figure investment in research and development in 2018 in CCTV camera tower technology, we are delighted to be reaping the rewards of that as demand for the technology soars – partly because of lockdown measures in the UK.

Thanks to that investment we can now manufacture bespoke mobile CCTV towers to the precise requirements of clients integrating remote monitoring technology that communicates via 4G at our premises in the Neath Valley.

The units that can be powered from a mains electricity or solar power are perfect for fulfilling security needs in remote or inaccessible locations. The tower can be easily moved and located at the exact place required and moved or adjusted as per the client’s specific needs.

With such a high percentage of the population working from home due to lockdown measures, we saw a spike in demand to secure and manage vacant and unused buildings during the pandemic. Mobile CCTV towers offer a perfect way of monitoring such premises.

John Wayne Parfitt, our Managing Director, said:

“As a company we have always endeavoured to offer cutting edge technology to our clients and making this investment allows us to do just that while making the units to order and with the bespoke needs of clients in mind.

“Because of changes in the economy and working patterns this year, there are a lot more unused buildings and this has led to increased demand for this type of monitoring. It is very satisfying to be able to build a unit that exactly meets a client’s needs, giving them security and peace of mind quickly.”